Gallaudet University makes a significant impact on the lives of students, from making friends and meaningful connections, to learning and academic growth, to internship and job opportunities, and even to living in vibrant, exciting Washington D.C. Our donors give to Gallaudet University because they appreciate that the University is a special place, with an unique and wide range of opportunities for success. Students can make their mark on the word, right here at Gallaudet University.

当您向大学送礼物时,您每年加入数千名校友,父母,朋友,学生,教师和支持Gallaudet Universy的员工。万博体育投注无论您是否给予20美元或20,000美元,您就可以帮助我们通过资金奖学金,开创性研究,顶级沟通和无限实习和就业机会支持我们的学生和大学社区 - 所有这些都会加入世界级我们学生的教育。